Elizabeth and Gilbert's love and passion started with juicing when Elizabeth was desperately search- ing for healing while suffering from endometriosis and ongoing digestive issues. She researched and found juicing to be an effective means of relieving inflammation, reducing pain and absorbing vital nutrients—all at the same time. Determined to take control of her health, she began juicing 3-6 times a day. Almost immediately she noticed her digestive issues started to subside and her energy levels increased. Elizabeth soon realized that she was detoxing and revitalizing her body with nutrients that she had been missing.

I Am Amazing was the recipe that started her on this journey. After noticeable results, she experimented in her kitchen testing various recipes and researching the most beneficial combinations of ingredients. With an elimination diet to detox her body, she soon discovered which foods her body was sensitive to. Being inspired by the her results, Elizabeth enrolled in Nutrition School to have a more comprehensive understanding about the effects of food on the body and then was inspired to become a health coach.

She is now 100% pain free, endometriosis free, has a happy healthy digestion and lives a vibrant life and so can you!